I'm a graphic designer / stationery-maker in Brooklyn, NY. My studio is my lovely apartment that I share with my husband, Mr. B & our French Pointer, Sophia.
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    Hi y'all! How was your summer vacation? 

    August was a good month for KBDS. I sent out some orders. I printed some cards. I put my feet up. That is exactly what the blog break is for. I definitely missed writing. I don't always when I take this break, but this year I did. That makes me sort of excited to say!

    Also exciting to tell you is that I have a cool new job! I'm interning at Etsy in the Seller Development department. I sit with the Seller Retention group. We focus on education to established sellers & supporting community teams - two things that are near & dear to my heart!

    I'm not planning on saying much here about my internship, but it's exciting, it's a big change for me to be in an office outside of my apartment and I'm learning a lot about selling. So! It's clearly worth mentioning. 

    I accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge this month! One of my oldest friends' dad passed away a few years ago from ALS. I knew this would get around to me eventually, but I was more than happy to contribute. Dumping the water on my head was just part of the fun (wink, wink)! So far this campaign has raised $90 million. That is incredible!!

    Next up - I have to do some planning. I have more new designs to put on the press. New ink too! Posts to plan & markets to think about. Etsy's Holiday Bootcamp started last week. Just in time! The fun never ends!

    PS The photo above is from the farm garden in North Carolina. I've shown photos of it over the last year on my Instagram feed. It's spitting out loads of goodies! Earlier this summer we had loads of lettuce. Now we've had plenty of beans. The tomatoes are slow this year, but the growing season is long there. There's still time for some juicy slicers! Shown in the photo are our Black Cherry tomatoes. So far, we've put up some pickles - squash, okra & some refridgerator cukes. Yummy!

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