I'm a graphic designer / stationery-maker in Brooklyn, NY. My studio is my lovely apartment that I share with my husband, Mr. B & our French Pointer, Sophia.
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    Each year I feel like I see holiday decorations go up earlier & earlier. It really gets my goat! I also realize that the holidays are a SUPER busy time of year for most people & prepping early is a great way to keep the holidays fun & relaxing.

    With that in mind, I want to offer you guys FREE SHIPPING on my holiday items from now (October 1st) to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, November 26th. There's not a coupon code or a hoop to jump through. All domestic shipping is set to $0 for those items. Just add them to your cart & purchase.

    As my grandmother used to say: The early bird gets the worm.


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    get a FREE birthday
    calendar printable
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