I'm a graphic designer / stationery-maker in Brooklyn, NY. My studio is my lovely apartment that I share with my husband, Mr. B & our French Pointer, Sophia.
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    Reese Witherspoon, you are awesome. And now you design paper products. Oh, the clothes are amazing as well & that magnolia printed bag that you can have monogrammed is beautiful. My Southern heart goes pitter patter. However, this blog is about paper...and the Assorted Southern Greeting Card Set.

    View the Draper James line of stationery & paper, as well as clothing, accessories, jewelry & home decor online at Draper James.com

    Big news...K. Batty Design and Stationery is growing. Specifically, I am growing. Out. Because I'm pregnant!!!!

    On or around August 14th, I'm due to give birth to our first child. No idea what it is & we're doing our best not to find out. We want to be surprised!

    This will obviously present some changes in life around KBDS & the Batty house. First off, I will be on maternity leave from August 1st to November 1st. If you have any design projects coming up, please contact me about them asap so we can finish before August 1. I'll have others I can refer you to if work comes up during my maternity leave.

    Second, how will I juggle design & stationery with a baby & the rest of my life? Good question...I have some plans for that with the caveat that said plans will stay flexible as I figure out this new addition to our lives. My Etsy shop will stay up & running, though it will be on vacation during my maternity leave. Wholesale is still something I'm interested in pursuing, but I may start focusing on building more wedding & invitation work. We'll see. I don't have it all figured out & am not even trying to pretend like life won't be in complete upheaval in the near future. I'll do what I always do...plan the best I can & figure out the rest.

    If I'm not posting here on the blog, I will always be posting on Instagram. If you follow me there, this post is old news to you so if you don't follow me on IG go do it! 

    Hello readers! This has been a very busy Spring! One of the projects I've had is creating wedding invitations (among other things) for my brother & his fiancee...now wife! They had a lovely wedding weekend. Here are some of the photos, courtesy of Amy Allen Photography.

    Sweet snapshot of the invites with Pat & Becky's rings. They have excellent taste in jewelry...and paper products! We worked together on all their printed materials from their save the dates to their place cards. I'll take photos of all of it for a post coming up soon.

    Our family!! From left to right: My mom, Lynn, my dad, Fred, Rebecca, Patrick, me and my husband Chris. He usually smiles...see below for proof.

    There he is! Check out my dad in the background, his cumber bun over his shoulder. Ready to party!

    Congratulations to Pat & Rebecca! You are a lovely couple. Chris & I were happy to be a part of your special day & look forward to watching your relationship deepen and grow. 'Til death do you part!

    Do you dig on amazing wedding photos? Then please head over to Amy Allen Photography. She & her talented husband have captured some beautiful moments and there are more photos of Pat & Becky's wedding in this blog post on Amy's blog. Aaaaaand, you can catch up with Amy & Rob on their Facebook page where she recently shared photos of her maternity shoot AND a video of Pat & Becky's wedding from Deano Pictures Wedding Films. I am waterworks all over again watching it...

    Happy New Year!

    Wishing you & yours all the best this year

    It has been a very busy last few months for KBDS. So busy that blogging has gone straight to the bottom of my to-do list. That may not change much in the beginning of 2015, but I will be back. At some point.

    If you can't catch me here, know that I'm still working, especially on my Etsy shop, as well as producing custom work for clients. So! If you're here because you have an event coming up or are interested in custom stationery, give a holler.

    Each year I feel like I see holiday decorations go up earlier & earlier. It really gets my goat! I also realize that the holidays are a SUPER busy time of year for most people & prepping early is a great way to keep the holidays fun & relaxing.

    With that in mind, I want to offer you guys FREE SHIPPING on my holiday items from now (October 1st) to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, November 26th. There's not a coupon code or a hoop to jump through. All domestic shipping is set to $0 for those items. Just add them to your cart & purchase.

    As my grandmother used to say: The early bird gets the worm.


    Life has been busy & I have been bleary eyed in the morning lately, so this summer has been light on coffee mug doodles. I haven't posted on the blog in a while on this topic, though, so I have plenty to share! Here's a recap:

    Doodle Update: In my last wrap up, I mentioned that some of my doodles may end up as stamps or plates. Two of them have made it to the press on new holiday greeting cards. Photos & details to come!

    So, how do you start your day? Any ideas for doodles? I'm taking requests!

    Hi y'all! How was your summer vacation? 

    August was a good month for KBDS. I sent out some orders. I printed some cards. I put my feet up. That is exactly what the blog break is for. I definitely missed writing. I don't always when I take this break, but this year I did. That makes me sort of excited to say!

    Also exciting to tell you is that I have a cool new job! I'm interning at Etsy in the Seller Development department. I sit with the Seller Retention group. We focus on education to established sellers & supporting community teams - two things that are near & dear to my heart!

    I'm not planning on saying much here about my internship, but it's exciting, it's a big change for me to be in an office outside of my apartment and I'm learning a lot about selling. So! It's clearly worth mentioning. 

    I accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge this month! One of my oldest friends' dad passed away a few years ago from ALS. I knew this would get around to me eventually, but I was more than happy to contribute. Dumping the water on my head was just part of the fun (wink, wink)! So far this campaign has raised $90 million. That is incredible!!

    Next up - I have to do some planning. I have more new designs to put on the press. New ink too! Posts to plan & markets to think about. Etsy's Holiday Bootcamp started last week. Just in time! The fun never ends!

    PS The photo above is from the farm garden in North Carolina. I've shown photos of it over the last year on my Instagram feed. It's spitting out loads of goodies! Earlier this summer we had loads of lettuce. Now we've had plenty of beans. The tomatoes are slow this year, but the growing season is long there. There's still time for some juicy slicers! Shown in the photo are our Black Cherry tomatoes. So far, we've put up some pickles - squash, okra & some refridgerator cukes. Yummy!

    It's that time of year! Time for all last vacations to be had & like other years, I am taking August off from blogging.

    Each year I struggle with this decision. For the first time EVER, I didn't run out of draft posts leading up to this month. I have butt loads of content for once! It made me think I should...and could...put the blog on autopilot for the month of August. But, that doesn't feel like vacation to me. That feels like something I should keep my eye on. As always, I'm afraid of the radio silence, but I'll be alive & well...and communicating...on social media. 

    Check in with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I'll also be updating my Paper Porn board on Pinterest.

    Enjoy these last few weeks of summer! Talk soon!

    PS If you need a dose of cuteness in the near future, check out Sophia's Instagram

    It's my Mom's birthday today! 

    Leo Birthday Zodiac Greeting Card - FREE SHIPPING by Idlewild Co.

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    This morning I had to do some research on how to pluralize someone's last name for a custom design. This question comes up a lot, especially around the holidays when I'm typing a lot of text such as "From the Battys - Kerry, Chris & Sophia" Just to make sure I'm doing things correctly, I looked it up. In case anyone else is wondering see the general rules above. 

    References: Editorial Style Guide - MIT, Grammerly Answers

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